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The Gas Crisis in the US

Okay, check this out! In 2006, Honda developed a clean diesel engine that is quiet and not smelly.  In Europe, they have these diesel cars for the most part, getting 40, 50 mpg (english gallons, not imperial) on the road – and have for years.
With Bio-Diesel, prices are comparatively low – you can go further for less money.  So, why do we not have these cars in the United States?
WHY!?!?!  I mean, I am PISSED OFF.  I had hope that we would see a selection of diesel cars in 2010 – but it was dashed!  I like Honda – they have made some great advances – released only in Europe and Japan.
It appears that I am going to have to buy a German-made auto in order to get what I have been looking for since 2000!!!
The US consumer and politician can be so completely STUPID most of the time.  We are so far behind the rest of the world in so many areas – education, fuel economy, technology, High-speed data transfer rates…  and you still have people chanting “USA, We’re Number One!”  In what? War? National Debt?  …. yah…  šŸ™

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