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Here is the result of MY Draconity Purity Test. You answered “yes” to 66 of 100 questions, making you 34.0% draconity pure (66.0% draconity corrupt);… Read More »

What a weekend! A wonderful Friday night spent with lots of love. An amazing Saturday night spent with lots of cool people for whom I… Read More »

Well, I told my mother today so I may as well tell my LJ… Katie and I are separating and getting a divorce. Its going… Read More »

Finally got a cd burned! Its a really messed up mix. Downstroke, both Godsmack albums, Nickelback, Nashville Pussy, Nonpoint, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Skeleton Crew,… Read More »

Woohoo! You know, things sometimes work out wonderfully. I wanted to go to a training class in Jackson, but work would not allow it. So,… Read More »

Memories and Emotions, Tests of will and want, Decisions and Dedications. It is best to be unsure and happy that secure and miserable. My head… Read More »

Why is it that when things seem so very very fucked up, that extreme happiness is the cause? Some things that I have realized… have… Read More »

Sometimes it takes a blade to cut away the masks. After the initial pain, though… it feels good.