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Affiliate Disclosure

This site is an Amazon Affiliate and I may earn commissions on products linked to if you click and buy through links on this site.

I also have somewhat of an affiliate link with Acorns and Robinhood – but those are more like a rewards for referrals than an actual affiliate link. I started investing with Acorns in late 2018 – as of 11/21/2023, my all-time return is 17.3% (Notice the market fluctuations in that timeline!)

I don’t have an affiliate link with American Provenance any more, as their business model changed, but I am an Investor in their company, so buy their stuff – as it is also very good. My wife says their products are the only ones that really work for my pit odor.

Oh! And I am a Bearded Man, so I found The Beard Struggle products and am a Brand Ambassador – although I’m no social media mogul by any means. Still, their products are great – again, wife approved. Use code BKBeard at checkout.

Sorry for the Silly “commercial” – but, I was planning on going big time into The Beard Struggle Brand Ambassador – instead, I just use it often. Don’t follow that link.