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Well, since this is my first post to my journal, I feel that in-depth introductions are in order. If you read anything you find shocking, troubling or just plain scary, then I’m sorry – still friends?
Visit for an in-depth overview of my life so far. there is a link to bring you back here.
At the moment, I am a Celtic oriented, Shaman-Druid, Centergistic, Polyamarous, Dragon-kin, psi-vamp with rare sang urges and a vamp-fetish. “… Oooh, how exciting” – Blade.
Most of which I am VERY VERY quiet about… okay, all of which. Its gotta be dragged outta me! I’ll never tell you!!! Hahahahaha!..
uhm.. never mind.
Right at the moment, I’m very excited, frightened, confused, exhilarated, in awe of the potential and questioning my place in the scheme of things.
Isn’t this exciting!!!

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