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Weird Stuff for Otherkin

So, I suppose I will tell a bit about The Court.
I remember the Court being a large castle with an obsidian exterior. There
was a great wall, built of a seemingly solid piece of the same obsidian
material. I don’t remember if there was an actual gateway into the outer
wall or not… perhaps it was a magickal gateway.
Inside the outer walls, there was a city of some size, merchants, farmers,
tradesmen, etc. They were fairly self sufficient, supplying each other with
almost everything they needed.
Inside the castle itself, the building materials varied from plain stone to
crystalline material to marble to wood. It’s rooms were large and it’s
halls were wide enough for two people to walk side by side comfortably.
The residents of the castle included guards and pages, maidens and servants,
and the members of the Court itself.
The members of the Court were similar to senators of the U.S. system. They
elected a ‘president’ from their ranks and ran the ‘country.’
The ‘country’ is actuall a bunch of individual countries that send the
representatives to the Court… I suppose the Court is more like the UN in
that regard. Some countries are made up by racial backgrounds.. the Dwarven
nations, the Troll territories, the Elven protectorates, etc.
Not that those were the names, but just ideas. Other countries were
army-ruled with various races involved.
The members of the Court were elected and sent to the castle.. which I
suppose was neutral ground. They were kept inside and limited as to their
outside contact… messengers and family visits were allowed but not mass
contact.. and visits were often monitored. I suppose they didn’t want the
conflicts in their respective nations to cloud their judgement in ruling.
*shrug* I was just a bodyguard, so I don’t know much I suppose.
There was a lot of maneuvering and political plays going on.. intrigue, etc.
Assinations were quite common, poison, stabbing, magick…
I think a lot of the ‘retainers’ were given a lot more freedom in movement.
Some ‘retainers’ were like political interns… politicians in training.
They were not immune to the games.
*sigh* I suppose I’m gonna wrap it up here.
May pick it up later if interest is shown.

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