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Birthday Party Report

I am alive and well, despite rumors and concerns to the contrary.

Body Count – 1
Alcohol Destroyed – 2 fifths, a six pack and two cartons of wine
People swimming – 7
Clothing items lost – 2 (call for return)
Swim Suits – only for 1/2 hour, then none.

A most wonderful birthday party. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was the only victim in the body count, so things went fairly well. I downed a fifth of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum by myself, so I had every right to crash out early – I think that was around 12:30am, but I can’t be sure.
There were Five lovely ladies in attendance and one other gentleman besides myself. I burned some chicken and we had a nice meal. Two friends presented me with a birthday gift they said that I need, a Clue… game.
Then, it was off to the pool. We had a good time drinking and swimming. About a half of an hour later, someone got the brilliant idea to have everyone take all their clothes off . Needless to say, I was all for it. Swimming suits were shed and the skinny-dippin’ began. Much cool I should say. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
One has not lived until one has slid down the waterslide nekkid.
( I shall pause here for a short explanation – Naked is when you do not have any clothes on, Nekkid is when you do not have any clothes on are you’re up to something. )

Well, That lasted a while.. like 2 hours. and then eventually I got really wasted and there was some fuzziness and clothes going back on and laying down on the deck.. people left… some stayed…. I would have loved to have not been intoxicated at that point. But, all in all, it was a WONDERFUL birthday party.

This morning, however….. well, lets just say I got that feeling that I’m not totally sober.. all day long. My Wonderful S.O. was feeling just as down.. maybe more. Then we ate and layed in bed all day long reading and caressing and playing with the three Chub-Chubs.

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