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Okay, so, Friend. How important is that?

I just went through a difficult time. I ranted to get some things off my chest and I was attacked by my friends for doing it. Granted, my friends are also friends with the person who received the brunt of my rant. One friend in particular was vicious in attacking me for putting the rant on my own web site. They didn’t assess the material in the rant, did not give consideration to the items discussed in the post. They merely attacked me for putting it there. It was a bit scathing and maybe damaging to the person it was about, but they passed the link to it around themselves.

So, I’m an asshole for venting and she is strong for standing up to it or something in their eyes. I am wondering if the friendship is worth continuing. The person who I am wondering about has been my best friend for 17 years. He has been her friend for only 6. She has the benefit of being in the same town as him and in the same social club. I can understand trying to be supportive of her, but why attack me so viciously and incessantly?

If you can read this you can read the post that I am talking about.
So, what do you think I should do?

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