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What is a Government Takeover of Health Care?

Just wanted to point out that “Government Takeover” is a misleading and offensive label for what is actually a much needed Reform of Health Insurance.  The Republicans, in their “Pledge to America” propose to create a real Federal Government Takeover of Health Insurance.  They want to take away the State’s Rights to control Health Insurance in their state by allowing citizens to purchase health insurance across state lines.  Another glaring hypocrisy for the “State’s Rights” advocates now proposing to ignore States Rights.  You see, health insurance rates differ from state to state – even with the same insurance carrier – because of State Laws regarding Health Insurance.  Currently, Insurance Laws differ greatly from state to state.  What the Republicans propose is to ignore state laws and buy insurance from whatever state you want to.  Which would completely nullify your state’s laws concerning Health Insurance, effectively creating a Federal Government Takeover of Health Insurance.

Think about it.

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