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making U.S. jobs – a Google Search

I did this search to get some idea where the ideas for new jobs would come from. I really appreciated some of the links‘ titles.

I will stand by my assertions that Government can not make jobs. Sure, it can send out money to states, but if they don’t want to do anything with it, they won’t. Maybe government can increase the size of the military or FBI or federal janitorial staff, but its not going to make any private sector jobs.

The only way we are going to see Private Sector jobs is if Big Business hires more people. Right now, they are laying people off in order to boost their CEO bonuses and stockholder dividends. With all the money going up, the people who might actually buy or use their products and services are quickly running out of money for anything. We saw this happen and bring about the Great Depression. Its happening again, and few people are willing to acknowledge the facts. Fair Wages and Fair Compensation are necessary for a thriving economy. When you get into Wage and Wealth gaps this big, you are headed for a bust.

Obama’s Small Business bill is already helping, despite serious delays because of republican politickin’.

I am really scared of what further damage the Republican party will do if they get re-instated to power. I think its ridiculous that its even possible. The Conservative policies spent 8 years running the United States economy into the ground and damaging it’s foundations. Now, because the Democrat President has not repaired all their damage in less than two years, people are going to elect the same failed policies back into place?

Wanted to keep this comment I found :

FACT: September 16, 2010 Gallup: Dems lead Generic Ballot, 71% of Americans blame former President George W. Bush for U.S. economic problems.

FACT: “Reagan OMB Chief: GOP Responsible for Entire US Economic Mess” http://tpmcafe.talkingpointsme f_gop_responsib le_for_entire_u s_eco/

FACT: McCain’s economic adviser reported that TARP and Obama stimulus averted another Great Depression:

This link also speaks a lot to what the Republicans have done to our economy :

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