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Some comments I wanted to share

From this article, people commented:

Realist, Midwest. on March 25th, 2009 at 9:27am said:
Yeah, right. Keep believing what the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation puts out as fact. Fact: Obama has inherited the biggest deficit of any president in American history. (Adjusted for real dollars, and inflation.)Obama must now prime the pump, to get us out of a multi-pronged mess left over from the Bush crowd, and seven years of Repub control. They chose to look the other way and ignore the financial chicanery going on right in front of them, while the income gap between the very wealthy, and real workers, grew to unprecedented levels. Their only prescription for every ill: take two tax-cuts for those already wealthy, and call me in the morning. The income gap is one trend that the corporations, and conservatives, see no problem with. However, without an economically viable, job-working, spending middle class, there can be no economic recovery. Look—Bush and the Repubs would not even acknowledge that America was in a recession until about five months ago. Remember this?…”The fundamentals of the economy are strong”. This falsehood was flouted by the Bush Administration, Republicans, and conservative pundits throughout the news media, while we were actually headed over the abyss. The surest way to insure our nation plunges into the worst depression we have ever seen, is to keep listening to the propaganda spewing conservative cranks. It was the ultra “free market” ideologies of groups like the American Heritage Foundation, that got us into this mess. No matter how you skew the graphs, or the facts, Bush never included the military budgets in his spending projections. Obama is including those expenditures. It is also important to differentiate between the cost of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, and the Pentagon budgets. (Two very different budgets, and different costs.). Beware of those that would like to re-write history. FDR saved our hind-ends. And, he did so while fighting two wars. People approved of what FDR was doing, because he was elected three times. Now, let’s see…What was going on before FDR took office? Hmmm….Economically, it looks a heck of a lot like what was going on before Obama took office. Keep listening to the conservative, “free market’ idealogues, and we’ll be back to Hooverville, or worse. Worried about deficits? Who is’nt?! But, how will we ever pay down debt in America, if we can’t get our spiralling economy going again? Nothing says misery like NO JOBS, and no hope. Conservatives always cry crockadile tears over deficits. Everytime good government agencies are cut, (Say, for instance, FEMA, Medicare, education, and for that matter, the local fire dept.) that can go to more tax breaks for those already wealthy, and more tax cuts for mega corporations. Wise up!


RationalNotRhetoric on March 25th, 2009 at 8:19am said:
I swear you can lead a Conservative to the facts, you just can’t get them to think!
Look at the pictures and read the story!! Notice W came into office with a Budget Surplus??? W like Reagan and his Dad before him ALL spent more and accumulated more deficit than all the Presidents before them combined!!
W and Cheney are both on record stating “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.”
W’s Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil quit his post as a result of this spend like a crazy man GOP mentality that evolved through Reagan.
Yet with a Democrat in office we were able to eliminate the deficit spending that is so a part of the GOP “do as I say not as I do” platform.
Now Obama walks in and has to address the worst Economy assumed since the Depression and the America haters come out hoping for failure???
So when Reagan was inaugurated and the Stock Market plummeted the next day, were you all making up racist names for him? When it took a full year for the market to recover were you using racist pet names for him?
When Reagan spent more than all previous Presidents combined to jump start the Economy were you all attacking him with racist pet names? When it took almost 4 years for the Economy to recover, were you all attacking him with racist pet names?
If you want to know who is responsible for this mess, look in the mirror and remember that you have been voting for a party that talks the virulent talk but stays away from walking the walk.


RationalNotRhetoric on March 25th, 2009 at 10:01am said:
Reported today…
Orders to U.S. factories for big-ticket manufactured goods and new homes sales both rose unexpectedly in February.
The Commerce Department said Wednesday that orders for durable goods — manufactured products expected to last at least three years — increased 3.4 percent last month, much better than the 2 percent fall economists expected.
It was the first advance after a record six straight declines and the strongest one-month gain in 14 months.
YES in the midst of all this rhetoric and subjectivity, we see the first advance in durable goods orders in 14 months!! Way back into the W administration when the economy was tanking!!
It didn’t start the day Obama was inaugurated, it started a full year before he took office!!
In the midst of all this rhetoric and anti American sentiment flowing from the Conservatives, the Market had it’s largest 2 week gain in 70 years and durable goods orders and home starts are on the rise.
So you Cons just keep up your childish rhetoric, the rest of us are going to wash off the stench of 8 years of W and get this Country back to where it was financially and internationally when Clinton handed over the reigns to W.

and for some perspective, read this… and this

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