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So, what do we need to do?

Voters hate Republicans and Democrats.
So, what do we need to do RIGHT NOW to bring a true and honest group into our Government that is neither?
Find a Moderate Third Party that is ACTUALLY in line with the needs of the middle class – the 90% of us that make up the working class.
Jim Demint said just now on CNN that “the longer people stay in Washington, the more they” vote with the lobbyists.  That people come in saying “no” to spending, but they are just overwhelmed with, I suppose, the bribes and start voting for earmarks, the talking points of whomever is taking them to lunch.

I’m trying to find an established group that has a policy in place.  I’ve found two that look promising, but don’t have the policy together yet.  So, maybe we can help form the policy… but how?  I don’t know yet… but I will post it here when I do.

Whatever happens, I am sure there are people as energized as I am about making the Real change.  So, what am I looking for?

1. Common sense, truth based fiscal policy.  If ya gotta raise taxes – raise them.  Cut spending – list what you are going to cut.

  • Fair tax policy, tax earned and unearned income the same, close most loopholes and ‘tax credits’ and other gimmicks.  End tax favoritism toward the rich and big businesses.  Everyone pays their fair share.

2. Keep government out of Citizen’s houses, out of their privacy!  Encourage Education (or advertising) over Legislation.

  • no abortion law other than banning partial birth and late term abortions.  (small government, out of people’s private business, remember) Make lobbyists shift focus from law to education.
  • no religion in government, no government in religion! Protect the First Amendment!!
  • end marijuana prohibition, re purpose surplus enforcement to harder drugs, borders, immigration.
  • pardon marijuana-only prisoners.
  • repeal Patriot Act!  The single biggest offense to our civil liberties.
  • consider ending seatbelt laws, reducing to secondary offense at minimum
  • end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and add sexual orientation to things government doesn’t mess with or abide discrimination based on. (so gay marriage is okay, etc)
  • any other law or regulation or ‘incentive’ the federal government has that intrudes too far into individual liberty with no actual impact on the greater good should be studied for possible elimination.

3. Restrict entitlement programs and make sure that they meet their original intent, not more.

  • End possible system abuse by keeping better records.  For one example, people who work long enough to get unemployment coverage, then quit, live on the entitlement till it runs out and get another job and repeat, should be excluded from the program for life.

4. Always list and consider the consequences of political actions.

  • Cutting federal spending? Then show how many jobs will be lost due to the cuts.
  • Restricting entitlement programs? List the effects it will have, both negative and positive.

5. The federal government should set the guidelines for the states laws.  It should not set the laws for the states unless it is indeed a federal matter.  It should never use federal money as a means to pressure states to pass laws.

  • For example, if your state does not have a mandatory seat belt law, it does not qualify for some federal highway funding.

6. Single effect legislation.  No riders, no attachments, no amendments, no earmarks to bills under consideration.

7. Probably more stuff – but I think I’ve covered the basics.  Input is welcome!!

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