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What? New Jobs being Created?

“companies are responding with a host of new products that can make care less costly and more effective. It’s a trend that’s been gaining momentum for several years, but it’s been helped along by the health-care law enacted last year.”

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Reducing costs, more effective care, new products being manufactured in the United States – all ‘helped along’ by the new health-insurance law enacted last year.  That is what Republicans are trying to kill.  New jobs, efficiency, U.S. based jobs – all so they can lower taxes on their Big Business buddies who ship jobs overseas (and pay them awesome bribes donate lots to their campaigns).

As I have mentioned before, right now, the hospitals and doctors have a vested interest in keeping you sick and keeping you coming back over and over again.  Big Pharmaceuticals and others also help push this ‘returning profit’ model of keeping you in need of health care.  Republicans like this, naturally – its just good business to keep you in ill health (probably why they support fluoride in the water).  Ever wonder why you have to get so many procedures done?  You really think it is only the doc covering himself in case of  a lawsuit?  Okay, yeah, some of it probably is, but another, larger, contributor to the issue is profit.  The more procedures and prescriptions and return visits that they can get from you, the higher their profit.  So, turn your head a cough.

While the Repugnants… er.. Congressional affiliates of Fox Misinfotainment* will only say bad things about the bill with tag lines (because they have no substance), the people trying to explain what all is actually in the bill and how it benefits the public and health care providers have a much harder time.  The Truth takes more than a tag-line.  It appears that most of the U.S. public is so attention-span deficient that they can not handle the list of benefits, so resort to believing the short tag-lines – no matter how untrue and absurd.

* I refuse to use the lie of “Fox News” as that lends them some degree of credibility that they have consistently failed to live up to.  Fox is Misinformation in the form of Entertainment – Fox Misinfotainment.

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