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Health Reform News you should ALL Read

“Wendell Potter, former head of corporate communications for Cigna”

Read more: Health care reform’s biggest con |

This guy is spilling the beans and revealing what is going on behind the real Death Panels known as Insurance Companies.

Please, pay attention.

Also, on a mildly related note, a proud moment for Mississippi as a Republican Appointed Judge throws out another stupid challenge to Health Insurance Reform Law. (another report, this Daring Minds article rips Vinson)

I was going to stop there… but!  The idea of calling the new Health Insurance Reform Law “Obamacare” is silly.  For one thing, Mitt Romney (Republican, Massachusetts) created and got passed the State basis for the National plan.  So, it really should be called “Romneycare.”  So, if the (Republican idea) Mandate is ruled Unconstitutional, then Massachusetts should also face the same challenge.  If that happens, I expect to see (or institute myself), challenges to Mandatory Auto Insurance, Mandatory Seat Belt use, Vaccinations even – using the same “government can not regulate LACK of participation” argument.  Any “you have to do this” requirement will be up for challenge.  Sure, you can make manufacturers install seat belts, but government can’t force me to use them!

It is becoming more and more clear that Republicans are trying to destroy all of our Civil Rights and strip us of any means of self-protection then deliver us, our lives and livelihood to Corporate Interests, where we will all be but slaves to the CEO and Board of Directors.

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