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It is funny because its true

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show is about the best source for a true perspective on the news of the day.  On Comedy Central.  I think that is a solid statement on the media these days.
Last night, he pointed out – with video – the hypocrisy of Fox Misinfotainment in regards to their positions on Wall-Street vs. Teachers.  I would like to point out their “$250,000 a year is NOT rich, it borders on poverty!” versus their “at $50,000 plus benefits, Teachers are overpaid!” comments.  They are aghast at the idea of cutting bailed-out CEO pay because “that will not attract quality talent.”  Then they turn around and say that Teachers making less than a third of a Wall Street Bonus are overpaid? Do we not want talented teachers to educate our children?  They are fine with honoring CEO contracts no matter what, but breaking Teacher compensation contracts is fine?

If Children are indeed our Future, should we not want them Educated – as opposed to being trained to repeat data?

Then Stewart goes on to have real interviews with meaning.  Not the “no matter what you say, I’ll talk over you and be right” argue-views like some do…

I’ve got to say, Rep. Anthony Weiner and Rep. Bernie Sanders are a couple of the few congress-persons I admire at the moment.

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