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The Right’s Attack on Democracy

The Right’s Attack on Democracy / the Middle Class

Voter Suppression tactics :
Attack Acorn to stop voter registration.
Attack to suppress the will of the voter.

Citizens United – To empower Corporations to buy elections :
The Full Opinion
Wikipedia entry on the decision.

Union Busting – To destroy opposition power in elections
I rallied to support Wisconsin.
Sneaky – and probably illegal – methods used to strip bargaining rights.
Wisconsin governor wins his battle with unions on collective bargaining.
Americans oppose republican attack on unions.
Union attacks are supposed to hurt Democratic campaigns.

Attacking Education – to create an uneducated working class for cheap labor to corporations.
Business Week
Huffington Post
Barack Obama dot com
The Young Turks

End Non-biased Media – To eliminate honest coverage
Attacks on NPR to silence Knowledge

Tax Retirees??  I thought they abhored raising taxes?? I guess they just hate old people a lot more.

Citizens United decision is apparently not enough, now they want to totally open financial floodgates to allow them to buy elections – even by foreign corporations!!

Roll back regulations preventing financial abuses by Whaaa Street that caused the Great Recession of 2008-whenever we recover

Cut Funding to just about everything reasonable and rational – favoring the wealthy while stepping on the poor.
Tsunami warning and relief
National Security
People are protesting!
Cuts called “indiscriminate”
…and there is a big list of them!

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