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Ryan admits they want to Hurt the Poor

Ryan said. “We are really just arguing over who to hurt and how best to manage the decline of our nation.”

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 Ryan admits it right there – they want to hurt the poor and coddle the rich.  Let me clarify something, it is the politicians, not a majority of “rich” people, who want to hurt poor people.  Many “rich” are saying, “yes, tax me a little more, we can afford it.”

Ryan’s owners are the few big corporations, CEOs and Shareholders who value nothing over profit, profit and more profit.

“If we succumb to this view that our problems are bigger than we are — if we surrender more control over our economy to the governing class — then we are choosing shared scarcity over renewed prosperity and managed decline over economic growth. That’s the real class warfare that threatens us — a class of governing elites picking winners and losers and determining our destinies for us.”

I seriously can not believe that this came out of his mouth. “A class of governing elites picking winners and losers” – is exactly what Ryan plans to do!  He wants to cut taxes on the rich, give away huge loopholes and take programs and money away from the poor and middle class in order to accomplish it.  He wants to ensure that poor people have no access to education for their children, no medical care for themselves, their children nor their parents.  While denying even the opportunity for improvement to those born less fortunate, Ryan wants to continue to funnel wealth up to the very top, the “Elites” who can ‘donate’ unlimited amounts to elect those who will vote their way – effectively becoming the ‘governing class’ by default.

Ryan insists that those who have wealth, through fortune of birth, luck or – more rarely – hard work and frugality, should be enabled to accumulate more by special favor of our government.

I say that those who have reaped the greatest rewards from our society have a responsibility to help fund the institutions and infrastructure that allow for their success.  Every child needs to have access to a quality education – preschool thru college.  The Elderly who have worked hard all their lives and contributed to society should not worry about where their next meal comes from or how they can afford their medication.

Their basis for these cuts have already been proven shaky at best.  Businesses and “The Rich” do not create jobs.  Cutting taxes does not increase tax revenue.  We are well below the point in the Laffer Curve where cutting taxes is a good idea.  Cutting taxes (now) increases deficits and debt – no matter how much ‘spending’ we cut from the 12% of the budget they want to target.

I read somewhere – and I agree : “They only call it ‘Class Warfare’ when we fight back.”

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