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Snakes and Oil Salesmen

This article – The United Snakes of America – has some very good points.  Such as :

Republicans have become agents and experts unto themselves. Their belief system has primacy over history, science, empiricism, common sense, arithmetic or facts that contradict that system. Economists, doctors, climate scientists, physicists and historians are no match for the divine and unassailable expertise inherent in hard-right Republican ideology. Truth and reality become whatever they want them to be.


If the Bush administration racked up five trillion dollars to our national debt and the Obama administration added 1.44 trillion dollars, then simple math tells Mitch McConnell the debt is all Obama’s fault. If the Republicans in unison call all billionaires “job creators,” then they just are, even if their presidential front-runner/billionaire Mitt Romney made his money specifically by taking over companies and firing thousands of employees. 

then this one :

If history demonstrates that “trickle down” economics has been an abject failure every single time it is has been tried, then, en masse, the Republicans are going to demand that we lock it in for the entire 21st century. 

and finally :

No matter how extreme the Tea Party becomes, the media gives them the first and often the only crack at the megaphone. So, Tea Party blackmail becomes a “debt crisis,” health care reform becomes “death panels,” restoring historic and moral tax rates becomes an outrageous “tax on the job creators” and regulations preventing polluters from getting away with murder become “job killers” themselves. 

 On the last point, I find this to be very true.  There is no coverage of reality – only what the extremists say.  What is wrong with the Media these days?

Republican plans – such as trickle down – have taken us from a creditor nation to a debtor nation with huge deficits and a spending addiction.  Their “Borrow and Spend” mentality is a lot more damaging than any democrat extremist’s “Tax and Spend.” Somehow, they now expect us to believe that they have changed their ways, realize that deficits do matter and are now “fiscally responsible.”  No, thank you, I am not interested in buying that snake oil.

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