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I just didn’t care…

My girlfriend and I were discussing politics on our way home (her home in Canton, MS) from Columbus, MS.  I said something that floored me.

“For a long time, I just didn’t care about politics.  They couldn’t hurt me.  I didn’t have anything to take away.”

 It has only been since I’ve attained my employment goal – a good paying Job that I enjoy and I am good at – that I have become interested in politics.  Before then, I was too poor and struggling on a day-to-day basis to have the luxury of being concerned with politics.  I was more wrapped up in how to get money to pay the rent or fix the car or pay for gas.  Getting sick? Going to the Doctor? Forget about it – I couldn’t afford it.

The reason it floored me is that I never even considered it.  Now, I am considering it.  There is an old phrase often heard around where I grew up,

“I’m so broke, I can’t even pay attention.”

 That is where I was politically – I “couldn’t” pay attention because I was just struggling to survive.  Well, now that is just not acceptable!  I should have been paying attention to politics! The better the economy does, the better we all do – and there are vastly different opinions on how best it works.  I prefer the one based in reality.  I prefer the one who has a basis in history and a proven track record.  I prefer facts and figures and honest analysis.

So, if you are “too poor to pay attention,” do it any way! You can’t afford to not Pay Attention – you can not afford to not vote!  Do your research, figure out what would help you and the country – then get out and VOTE!

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