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My Picture and other people’s comments on Personhood

(the following comments snagged from FARK thread)

What is the official life-begins-at-conception stance on identical twins?

Did God put two souls in the one cell at the beginning?
Did he add an extra soul after the split?
If not, is one twin a soulless monster?

If he put in two souls at once because he knew it would become twins,
wouldn’t it therefore be logical to assume that he put in no souls in
the fetus he knew would be aborted?


When I was in high school in MS, I received a letter from some state
department along with my out-of-state college applications/letters. I
wish I had the letter so that I could copy it, but I distinctly remember
the line, “Mississippi is suffering from “brain drain” meaning that
our best and brightest students leave the state and are not coming

The letter continued to implore that when I finished my education outside of Mississippi, that I consider returning.

I read about crap like this, I am glad that I did not return. That
state is too full of stupid for anyone with a brain or an education to

I am also sure that I would have been lynched by now for
being an educated, physically fit, unmarried, minority adult female who
does not want children or believe in god.

FYI: eggs can get fertilized and never attach to the wall of the womb,
that egg ends up on a pair of panties or the end of a tampon, it doesn’t
develop into a child and never will. A fertilized egg is not a baby…

There’s a lot of conditions for an actual baby to develop, and sperm meets egg is not it

meets a lot of things in the female body, doesn’t make it life either.
Sperm penetrates the uvula, doesn’t mean there’s a baby growing in the
woman’s throat…

Look, we moved back here for the same reason. My husband grew up in
Mississippi, and he got scholarships stipulating he come back to the
state to practice once his education was complete. But I will not be
birthing my children and raising them somewhere that says that Rape
Victims have to carry and birth the child of their rapist, never mind
that their DNA was stolen in an act of violence and hate. I will not be
having kids somewhere, where the doctor has to wait for my fallopian
tube to burst before terminating an ectopic pregnancy. I will not give
birth somewhere where my obstetrician has to worry about being
prosecuted for murder if he has to choose between my life and child
inside me. I will not live somewhere that would dictate what I can do
with frozen embryos. I could go on and on. This law is absolutely
medieval and unacceptable.

Even my birth control pills, when I
used them, said they could be used as morning after pills in an
emergency, which would mean we’re gonna be somewhere where I won’t even
be able to get birth control. I plan on getting an IUD after my firs
pregnancy, but I could be prosecuted for murder in this state for doing
that under this law.

Mississippi just released their big economic
development blueprint for the state, which heavily featured recruiting
more educated people to the state. It’s absolutely laughable these
people think they can try to pass a law like this and get any remotely
sane educated person to move here.

We moved here to help. But there are certain human rights we’re not
going to sacrifice. This law makes me a 2nd class citizen to some cells
in my belly, and jeopardizes my health. Coming here to a less-vibrant
economy to try to help be a part of seeing the state grow and succeed
into a stronger economic and educational footing is one thing.
Sacrificing the reproductive health of our family to fight a bunch of
fundies over abortion is not what we moved here for, and not something
I’m willing to sacrifice.
and, finally, the only real reason I can think of that people want to force women to give birth to unwanted children they can’t possibly care for properly :
…because in 18 years they can send it off to fight an unjust war for natural resources halfway across the world?
Okay, really one more… I agree with this one. I believe the soul enters the body around the first breath.  I usually say “with the first breath” but do believe there is a time window.
True human life begins when there is a soul in the body. That may
happen before birth, or it can actually happen after the birth of the
baby. Some cases of crib death occur because no soul has gone into that
Link (new window)

Cayce was able to pick up accurate information while he was in a very
relaxed, trance-like state. Without any medical training, he could
diagnose medical problems in people who were miles away from him. His
“readings,” – 14,000 in total – cover topics including just about
everything relating to people and their concerns.

It’s kind of
hard to research this, because the readings are so extensive. But I did
find this, and it seems I didn’t remember the entry time correctly –
it’s usually close to the time of birth. I guess I was thinking of the
fact that the soul can enter the baby’s body early – up to three months
before birth, I think:

The soul generally enters the baby body
at or near the time of birth. In one unusual case in the Cayce
readings, the soul did not enter for two days after the birth of the
baby. When asked about the delay, Cayce responded that the soul was all
too aware how very difficult life would be should it choose to enter,
and it wasn’t at all sure it wanted to go through with it! Cayce was
then asked what kept the baby’s body alive for two days while the soul
wrestled with its decision, and he responded, “the spirit.” For Cayce,
the soul was the entity, with all its personal memories and aspirations,
and the spirit was the life force.

John Van Auken, Link (new window)


Amendment – found this comment elsewhere. :

Let us not forget about the things that happen when someone is desperate
and will feel driven to resort to what used to be called back alley
abortions. They also fail to consider the consequences that can occur
when a bunch of unwanted, unplanned and unloved persons are in the
schools etc. Sometimes an unplanned child is loved and cherished by the
parents but sometimes they are just resented and mistreated. Seems to me
how many children and when those children are born should be left up to
the people who will be responsible for them until they can care for
themselves. Since the, shall I say, right leaning people don’t want to
feed the hungry, help to support the elderly or educate the kids who are
already here why should they be meddling in peoples efforts to control
the size of their families?


okay, these comments :
About 80% of fertilzed eggs never implant, actually. And quite a few
after that get rejected by nature’s QA system (face it: eukaryotic
reproduction is a low-yield process.)
Which explains why Christianity places such emphasis on the sinfulness of women and doesn’t trust them with anything important.
Next up: every fertile woman to be required to take a medical exam
(at her expense, of course) monthly to make sure that she’s not guilty
of a felony.


and this one :
Imagine living in a reproductive police state. China is one.

Now, how would the State of Mississippi sue the fed to provide these
embryos with SS#’s? And similarly, will MS change their tax forms to
include fetuses as dependents? Will OB/GYNs be required to submit
conception certificates to their local health departments?

WIll you get free ice cream or desert twice a year instead of just
once? And what might a 22d-century grave marker look like if you were
conceived in October?

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