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Election Analysis

There are still 61 preciencts not reporting in, but if everything holds steady here is what we are looking at :

Total GOP Victories 109
Total Dem Victories 96
Uncontested GOP 56
Uncontested Dem 62
GOP in House 61
Dem in House 58
GOP in Senate 28
Dem in Senate 22
Runoffs 4

No to altering the definition of “person.” (Yay!) Oh, and HERE is what we kept from happening in Mississippi – 10 year olds being forced to give birth.  These people must be stopped at all costs.

Yes to wasting $1.4 Million per year to ‘prevent’ something that doesn’t happen.  That is, Yes to requiring a state issued photo ID in order to vote.  Waste of time and Money.

Yes to restricting the government from taking private land and handing it over to private companies or persons.

So, Mississippi is now a red, red state. (Communist was red too… just saying.)  GOP controls the House and Senate, with slim majorities.  The Governor is a lying, backstabbing, fast-talking Republican.  Lt. Gov is Republican. Secretary of State is a corrupt electioneering Republican. Treasurer, Auditor, Agriculture Commissioner, Insurance Commissioner, two out of three Public Service Commissioners, all three Transportation Commissioners are all Republican.

In short – Mississippi is screwed.  Think we’re the bottom of the barrel now? We have only begun to stink and these GOP nutjobs will make sure that the Citizens of Mississippi are the lowest of the low on the totem pole.  If you have a little money, RUN! Save yourselves!  Because they will make sure you loose it – to them.  Think our roads are bad now? LOL!! Just wait!  Think the insurance companies are screwing you now? Oh, they are salivating at the new ‘unregulated’ Mississippi market.  Think we have a chance to fix things with the next election? ROFLOL!!! They OWN the state now.  They will not give it up.  They don’t have to play by the rules – they make the rules.  What? Hood? HA! He has already played their games, he is owned now.

Sure, we defeated the “personhood” amendment – but we put the Co-Chairman of the group that pushed it in the highest office in the state!! I bet we get ‘personhood’ anyway. After all, he thinks the 58% that voted against 26 are Evil Satanic Nazis :

the most conservative state in the nation, which also elected Phil
Bryant, the Republican lieutenant governor and co-chair of the Yes on
26 campaign, to succeed Haley Barbour as governor. This would be the man
who Monday evoked
the Jews of Nazi Germany “being marched into the oven,” and who said of
26′s opponents, “the evil dark side that exists in this world is taking
hold. And they’re saying, what we want you to be able to do is continue
to extinguish innocent life. You see, if we could do that, Satan wins.”
Oppose 26, Bryant argued, and “you’re on the side of the lie. You’re on
the side of taking the lives of innocent children.” (

This is what Phil Bryant thinks of us. and, from that same article :

Indeed. On the Personhood Mississippi page, they’re already talking about taking the cause to the legislature.

So, that fight is not over – far from it.  We are in much more danger now and the enemy has all the artillery!

[Bryant] fumed. “Let’s just call it what it is, it’s wild and crazy. But that’s
what the other side must do whenever we stand up for life and say, it’s
simple, that child in the womb after conception has the same basic human
rights as you and I.”

I will reject that insane, sadistic idea forever.  I will forever put living, breathing people way above something that might become one.  I will forever say we should put more emphasis on making sure we can feed, clothe and house the living, breathing people, men, women and children – and babies – long before we force more to be born. We should make sure that all who are able can earn a decent living – at least enough to feed and care for themselves.  To do that, we need to make sure that All Citizens have access to early and good education – even those who don’t have parents at home to teach them. We need to make sure that all citizens have easy access to basic medical care that is very affordable.

Mississippi voted against the possibility of trying to do those things this time around.  The voted for the full on GOP agenda of less freedoms, less protections, more income inequality, higher unemployment, less education and more dependence on being in debt just to get by.

Where do we go from here?

I don’t know.  But I am working on it. Lots of people are working on it.  I just hope we can manage to come together with a few good ideas and a few good people to lead the way.

We will have to fight hard to keep the damage to a minimum.  I am already dreading the unholy crap they will try to pass.

I hope to see some truly progressive, reality based, smart people running for office in 2012.  Then, we need to work on getting those people elected.

I will follow up with some ideas…

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