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Occupation – Not Visitation

Well, the Council reached a compromise – which basically still denies the Occupation.

While it seemed that all the members on the Committee agreed with Occupy Jackson, the approved ‘compromise’ as I walked out was to allow us to stay from Dawn until 11pm. 

Lumumba – having previously made the motion to allow the permit as applied for (24 hours a day), which failed to get a second – walked out in protest before the final vote and I agree with him – (paraphrased) “This is like telling Martin Luther King when he could march and how long it could last, when it would begin and when it would end.”

A protest does not need the permission of those it is protesting. Occupy is an ongoing public forum, a discussion on how to change things for the better. 

It is Occupy – an Occupation, not a daily visitation.

I can’t be out there 24 hours a day, but I’ve been trying to lend support, printing articles for them to read, giving supplies, writing signs… little stuff really. 

Perhaps though, it is for the best. If they had approved the 24 hour occupation, there would really be no news.  Now, it is a fight.  A fight for Change. A fight for Democracy.

I hope that there is greater action.  I hope that there will be some marches, some actions.  They’ve tried to go through the proper channels and get the approvals.  We’ve been stonewalled at every turn, “compromises” aside.

Does anyone have a vacant lot or a large (or medium sized) place where Occupy folks can stay overnight that is near Smith Park?

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