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Outrageous Stuff the GOP is Trying to do

Repeal laws requiring businesses let employees eat.

Outlaw Contraceptives… or at least make it where no insurance has to cover it.

Repeal child labor laws that prevent companies from forcing children to work.

Reinstate “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” that allows military to kick out gay soldiers.

They (Tea Party) told businesses to Refuse to Hire anyone.

Cut public education, fund private prisons.

They want to give their own party every tactical edge, subverting Democracy by preventing likely opponents from voting.

Paul Weyrich, one of the acknowledged architects of the right wing
ascendancy, said bluntly, “I don’t want everybody
to vote…our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the
voting populace goes down.”

Everyone knows they love busting up Unions and advocating for Employer Rights to Fire Employees At Will. ( Because “right to work” is a very misleading name for these laws! In “right to work” states, you don’t have any right to work, your employer has every right to fire you at a whim. )

They attack immigrants – even though this nation was founded and built by immigrants. ( It is kinda funny seeing how damaging their laws are on the states in which they passed, but I feel bad for the good people it hurts )

Deny the equal rights and liberty to pursue happiness of just about anyone and everyone who is not a rich, white, “properChristian male.

“phone interviews with a random sampling of Christian preachers verified
that the consensus was that gays and women [and non-Christians] do not deserve the
Constitution’s guarantee of equal rights.”

      (So, they are not ALL crazy …and although this goes against my point, it is inspiring, hopeful and worth a read!)

     But they will sink low to have their anti-democracy way.

I find it a huge exercise in hypocrisy that the Anti-Freedom, Anti-Freedom-of-Religion folks on the “Right” are citing Freedom of Religion to deny people insurance coverage.  Its truly pathetic.  I wish I could have a “National Pagan Prayer Breakfast” and have the President attend.  Just to see them really show their true colors.

“This isn’t a Catholic issue, this is a freedom issue,” [Ann] Coulter told an audience of conservative activists.

Yeah, the freedom to stomp on the wants, needs and rights of others.

If you have more links to articles on crazy stuff the GOP is trying to do, comment here!

and to wrap up with a different tangent, earlier today I had the thought of posting to Facebook something to the effect of “Republican Women, a study in self-loathing?” and Ann throws up this comment to validate that:

Coulter said Friday that the feminist movement “set us back.” In
response to a question from a conservative female college student who
asked about how to respond to those who question how a woman can be a
conservative, Coulter said that “all pretty girls are right-wingers.”

UPDATE : 2/15/2012
I would LOVE to see “Pretty Girls” send video clips to Ann saying, “Sorry, Ann. I am NOT a Right Winger. I am NOT a ‘Conservative’ and I am NOT a Republican.”

Also, the GOP is now trying to Entrench and Codify Bigotry and Discrimination! Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up! They want to allow employers to deny employees health coverage for any reason, as long as they can claim “religious or moral” reasons.  I morally object to bigots and bullies being able to legally screw people over!

Now, they are trying to limit free speech! They are going to fire teachers who swear or behave ‘indecent’ in or out of school.  Talk about being a controlling nanny-state! The GOP all the way!

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