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Save The U.S. – Don’t Vote Republican!

The United States of America was founded on several principles – Freedom (of speech, of religion, from invasive control), Liberty and Justice, Democracy by the People, for the People.  Republicans give lip service to twisted versions of those principles.  In truth, they are against most of them.  Republicans hate democracy – just look at how many voter suppression laws, which they call ‘voter id’ and other nonsense, they pass.  They want to institute some defacto National Religion, which our constitution strictly forbids (for good reason!).  Read on for some specifics on the most recent batch of Republican nuttery!

Romney was speaking in Kirkwood, Missouri when he told of his plans to “Get rid of” Planned Parenthood – leaving millions of women without primary healthcare and screenings.

He also told the town that he planned to damage their economy directly – by eliminating federal subsidies of Amtrack – not mentioning the fact that he will continue subsidies for Big Oil even as that sector rakes in huge profits and keeps raising gas prices.

I suppose that is one of the issues I have with the flippant comments about their plans Republicans make – they have no comprehension of the damage they are talking about wreaking on regular, hard working people. They have to know that in many cases they are just plain lying.  (funny aside, I first typed “palin lying” – talk about a Freudian slip, lol!)

For example, Mitt’s comments from Kirkwood –

“We’re going to start drilling again in the Gulf, we’re going to drill
in the outer continental shelf, we’re going to drill in North Dakota,
Oklahoma and Texas. That communicates to the world that there will be
more supply coming from the U.S. And that affects the price of
gasoline,” lied Romney.

We haven’t stopped drilling in the Gulf – actually “We” don’t drill in the gulf, private, often foreign companies, drill for oil in our waters and keep raising gas prices to boost their already obscene profits while getting taxpayer subsides for their outrageous Executive salaries.  We already drill in North Dakota, Oklahoma and Texas and Mississippi and Alabama and anywhere else someone has found any size oil deposit.  I know at least three families here in Mississippi who have been paid to allow oil searches on their land.  I see working (small) wells in fields off of I-20. Fact is, under Obama, we have become a net Exporter of oil – exporting more than we import.  Of course, if we used all the oil we drilled here for making gasoline here and selling gasoline here, instead of exporting it as they do now and plan to do with the Keystone XL pipeline Tar Sands oil, then we might not be seeing such high gas prices.  Point is, unless he is really stupid, he is really lying – a big lie repeated often.

Another prime example is :

“Is the program so critical, it’s worth borrowing money from china to pay for it?” – Romney

China owns 8% of U.S. debt.  Eight percent.  Talk about blowing things totally out of proportion. “[T]he truth is the bulk of the $14.3 trillion U.S. debt – $9.8 trillion in
all – is owned by the American people and its government.”

The GOP agenda of repealing women’s rights, denying women’s health care, destroying millions of jobs under the guise of ‘shrinking government’, destroying public education, establishing a defacto government supported religion by enshrining “Personhood” and “Defense of Marriage” that are only valid via their religion, selling our government to big corporations, delusional economic policies and other such anti-American offenses make them the biggest threat to our country we have seen in a long time.

“Most conservatives now openly reject the very idea of democracy. Whether
it’s corporatists seeking to own every branch of government and
privatize every public institution, security and intelligence types
cracking down on our civil liberties, or Christian nationalists out to
turn the country into a theocracy, conservatives are increasingly united
by the conviction that Americans cannot be trusted to govern ourselves”-Alternet

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(See my previous post – Why to not vote Republican and now, Republicans waste taxpayer money trying to close one private business!)

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  1. The XL pipeline and drilling in Alaska are the only things that are gonna get this country off of foreign oil. Your precious idiot in chief wants to give money to green companies that fail. Start learning Arabic because that's who Obama's selling us to.

  2. You don't get that that oil will NEVER be used in the U.S. ? It won't help anything but oil company profits as they are going to ship it all overseas.
    I am pretty sure Obama is not the idiot in the conversation.

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