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I’ve talked a lot about how the damage to the economy has come from the top 1% taking more money out of circulation and into their coffers, leaving less for the rest of us.  Here is a 2009/2010 blog post with graphs and stuff that may help explain it a bit better : Reality Base

I would like to point out that you can see the gap start to widen dramatically right after 1980.  What happened then? Anyone? Anyone?

Along with the top getting more and more money, they also began paying less and less in taxes.  So not only did they start taking our money, they stopped helping support the country, putting a bigger burden on us average wage-earners. Alternet : Titanic tax shirking

Finally, I have talked a lot about how True Freedom relies on defeating the (Modern Era, circa 1980) Republican Agenda.  I’ve written about the anti-freedom, big-brother government they want and how they despise the REAL Constitution of the United States of America and they hate the Country that the Founders envisioned and our Forefathers helped build.  A Democracy was built, they want a Corporate Theocracy.  Anyway… good article that goes into some details about what I’ve been saying : Alternet : Freedom

“the expansion of the security state—criminalizing more behavior,
increasing law enforcement’s surveillance of the public, and locking up
more people—is a real threat to our personal liberties, and it, like the
disastrous “war on drugs” is supported heartily by the Right (with a
small number of exceptions in the libertarian wing of the conservative

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