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Unfair and Unbalanced

We’ve had two political slip-ups recently.  Lets compare them.

Hilary Rosen said that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life.  The comment was made because Mitt Romney declared that Ann was his expert adviser on women and the economy. Taking the comment in context, meaning Ann Romney never held a work-for-pay job in her life, it is absolutely true and factual.  The media has gone nuts and the GOP is declaring her comments a “war on stay-at-home Moms.”

Hilary Rosen has apologized on air and in writing.  Even while everyone else twists her words and distorts or hides the facts.

Ann Romney states that raising 5 kids is hard work – and it certainly is.  However, being as obscenely rich as they are, one must wonder how much she was actually involved in any of the ‘hard work’ part of it and how many nannies she employed to help her.  Hilary Rosen’s actual point remains valid – Ann doesn’t know what it means to work for money, so is not going to be ‘in-touch’ with working women on the economy and therefore not a great expert on ‘women and the economy.’

Still, Obama and other Democrats have soundly trashed Ms. Rosen’s comments. They have insisted that she is not part of the campaign, not a presidential adviser and not connected to the DNC in any way. (all true, by the way.)

Ted Nugent said that if Obama is re-elected that he would be ‘dead or in jail by this time next year.’  It has been reported, but widely dismissed as harmless.  He made a lot of other comments that are worthy of inspection as well.  All loaded with the same Lies that the GOP often tells as gospel.  As an example, Nugent said that the four ‘liberal’ (aka – just and fair) members of the Supreme Court signed a declarations that we have no right to self defense.  A lawyer commented :

“I’ve been practicing law for the past quarter century and
don’t recall any of the Justices taking a position that precluded anyone
from defending themselves.”

 Mitt Romney, who Nugent endorsed, didn’t really slam the comments.

Romney did so, issuing a statement through a spokeswoman that “divisive
language is offensive no matter what side of the political aisle it
comes from.”

Not exactly trashing the comments.  No distancing from the commenter. More of a ‘haha, yeah, man… but you shouldn’t say that out loud, dude.”

… and what is up with all of these weird first names on the Right?  Rush, Rand, Mitt, Newt, Trent, Trigg, Track, Trapp, Tagg, Trip, Reince, Wash, Repeat? Orly, Bristol, Piper… most seem like activities or job titles to me. (Yeah, Yeah… Bobby is a job title in Europe… lol!!)

And a fun little Quote Generator!

Gems like :

”We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic?”

—Sarah Palin

and scary, but typical republican, comments like :

”We need to execute people like (John Walker Lindh) in order to physically intimidate liberals.”

—Ann Coulter

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