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More garden pics!

This is Bed #1 – Marigolds and Squash doing very well.  One Tomato growing great, the other three doing okay.  The flat plant in the cinder block on the top right is Pennyroyal.  Supposed to keep ants away.  Radishes and carrots are doing well too.

This is one of the Scallopini squash. It has two squash on one ‘stalk’ on a couple plants.  Not sure how that is going to grow well-formed squash.  I’m thinking they will crowd each other, but we’ll see.
This is Summer Squash.  It has LOTS of flowers and some little squashlings.  The little thing at the very center is a squashling.

I wanted a better view of the Mammoth Melting Snow Peas, so I used a backdrop!  The vines are pretty thick!  The flowers are very white, but kind of unimpressive.  Not an ornamental variety, LOL!

This is Bed #2, looking at Punk and the end of Bed #3.  The Borage in the center is huge.  The Radish at bottom right is about ready.  The light green is Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce and doing pretty good.  The top right is the Dragon Tongue Beans and they are about ready to harvest the first few beans.  We had to prop them up using some of the old grids.
Willice got some of the ‘outdoor living room’ furniture set up.  We have a few more pieces to retrieve and we will be ready to entertain!  This fall, I am going to level the area so there is less chance of breaking an ankle trying to walk around.

The pond is coming along great!  We have a solar water pump that has a battery backup and an on-at-dusk LED light.  The ‘waterfall’ is pretty cool.  Now, we need some fish!  Okay… so, we need to finish setting up the bed around the pond with some ground cover kind of plants and some grasses.  I’ve got a lot of Pennyroyal to set out!!
The grass in the top right of the pond was ‘rescued’ from the Reservoir.  It brought some duckweed with it, but it has not taken over yet.

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  1. Wow, this looks really nice! You guys are doing a fantastic job….we wish we could sit and enjoy the space with you, but we're so far away! The pond and the outdoor furniture really makes it. Miss you both!

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