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On the Economy – Romney is Wrong!!!

I wanted to share this comment on an article about Romney dissing Obama.
(links are mine to prove his point and bold is to highlight important parts)

NDiesel81 3:54 PM

If Wisconsin has shown anything, it’s that people are taking opinion
more seriously than facts. Most people don’t actually know any facts.
They only know talking points, which are just that… talk.It’s very
scary when people actually believe Obama has increased spending programs
during his term, when the facts state the exact opposite. The deficit
has increased, but that is due to existing safety net programs being
over burdened by high unemployment and retirement numbers, in addition
to low revenue numbers also due to high unemployment numbers as well as
tax breaks on those who don’t need them. High unemployment is a double
whammy. Spending increases employment, which increases job security,
which increases consumer spending, which further increases employment.

This isn’t some overly complex equation. It isn’t magic. It’s cold
hard logic that everyone seems to want to disbelieve. They believe
opinions more than they believe the facts! It’s very scary that people
believe we can cut our way out of our deficit. Yes, this may lower the
deficit in the short term, but it also increases unemployment.
Unemployment, as I’ve stated before, puts a high burden on our social
safety net programs. The Republican answer is to also cut the social
safety net programs as well! Can someone please explain to me how
cutting jobs during 8.2% unemployment adds jobs? Do people miraculously
start spending money and buying products when unemployment rates are
While they’re fearing their job is next on the chopping
block? It’s very scary that people are taking opinion over cold hard
facts, and it’s happening everywhere. No one wants to spend the time to
look at the real numbers or the real facts. That would be too much
work! They’re too lazy for that! Instead, they’ll listen to people
like Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck… and they’ll be told what’s what
even though they’re being told fact-less falsehoods.. but at least it’s
easy and quick!

…. and why didn’t anyone read THIS post?? Its important!

… another comment from the same article :

Brad Naksuthin 3:41 PM

When Obama took office the stock market stood a little above 8000, the
country was shedding 200,000 jobs a month and everyone’s investments
were in the toilet. Osama Bin Ladin was still mocking Americans with
his monthly audio-casts. We were fighting a war in Iraq and another one
in Afghanistan. Since Obama took office there has been job growth in every
month hes’ been in office. The stock market stands at 12,500. People
who watched their investments tank at the end of the Bush administration
now are back on top. The war in Iraq has been won and is over. Osama
Bin Ladin is dead and his top military generals are in hiding. I’d say
Obama has done a pretty good job for being a first time President.

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