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Riding Jacket and SOA

So, I was riding the motorcycle home yesterday – and it was HOT.  I am talking 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yeah, the jacket I am wearing now is way too hot for Mississippi.  Sure, it was great in the winter, especially with the liner, but with the liner out, 60 is starting to be just too warm to wear it.

So, I just ordered a Jacket from Leatherup because of one review stating : “I wore it without the liner in very muggy 98 degree weather with the vents open and I was not hot at all.”

As a bonus, another review said : “I’ve worn it and rode when it was 31? with a long sleeve thermal shirt
and was fine. Been in the 40’s and 50’s most mornings since I got it and
have just worn a plain old white fruit of the loom tshirt with the
liner and been warm the whole time.”

Soon, I won’t be having to roll the collar under on my London Fog nubuck leather jacket with polyester lining… with zip-out warmer lining.

Yeah… its not a “motorcycle” jacket, but its what I had.  I mean, people will ride in all kinds of clothes and footwear.  Shorts, sandals, bikinis…  but I don’t want to risk the road rash.  Two people tried to change lanes into the space I was occupying on the ride in this morning.  Sure, a couple horn-blasts and they snapped back into their lane, but still… not worth risking it. 

Jax Teller trips me out with his baggy low-rider jeans and his tennis shoes on his customized Dyna Superglide Sport.  One more thing on SOA – the poster…

Jax is shooting right-handed… the throttle is on the right hand… so, he isn’t giving it any gas. LOL!!
( uh, oh! The FXDX has a manual cruise control! Maybe its possible! )

Update : That jacket was WAY too small, so sent it back and went to several local motorcycle shops to find the jacket I have now – Power Trip Dakota II – although I wouldn’t say it is waterproof…

Update : The Dakota II helps keep me very cool, even in July (so far).  I’ll wager that I am cooler than the people riding in t-shirts as I don’t have direct sun hitting my skin.  Jackets are just great – no sunburn, stay cool and, in case of a crash, you don’t turn into hamburger.

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