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One World Shadow Government

(Inspired by discussions on Agenda 21)

Okay, lets just for a moment say that there is a “one world government” out there trying to keep us from destroying the planet so that their leaders can be given eternal life and have dominion – even in the shadows – over the world.  So, the theory goes, they are going to throw us into camps, make us ride bicycles to work and have corporate farms produce the food.

So what?  Nothing we can do about that.  We’re not superheroes, this is not a movie nor a book.

If there IS such a conspiracy, then “The Liberals” sure are not behind it, because that is who everyone is pointing at and the “Shadow Government” is the one making everyone look (the other way) at “The Liberals.”

Fox Newz is pumping out enough “Hey, no! Look over here, be afraid of this!” propaganda to keep the well armed distracted and the commoners scared to leave the house.  They’ve got people absolutely convinced that even though their favored party was in complete control for 6 years, mostly control for another 6 that it was NOT their fault the economy crashed and that even though the economy has been improving consistently, despite the GOP temper tantrum stonewalling, that Obama is destroying it (the economy).  Believing Fox despite all evidence to the absolute contrary.

Anyway, world government throwing people into camps and feeding them and making them ride bicycles to work….

You know, if we beat them to it – if we make changes to be more sustainable, to make sure the human-caused fact of global warming is reduced or eliminated and that the Earth shall remain habitable with a decent climate and habitable land for a long, long time – well, then they won’t feel they have to round people up and put them in camps to keep them from destroying the planet.

So, we can do it on our terms, or let the scary shadow one-world government do it to us.

If you hate the EPA, go back and look pictures of New York before the EPA, look at all the Rivers that caught on fire and see WHY that was put into place.  Look at the current atmosphere in China – the air is poison.  But, we have people pushing to go TOWARDS that again.

To me, freedom means that you have the freedom to do what you want as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of another.  I like the freedom to go outside without a gas mask or oxygen tank.  I like to be able to drink water without worrying about getting sick from it. If that means a corporation is not free to pollute, then I’m all for it.

Maybe its the shadow government pointing it’s finger at the sustainability movement because they want it to fail so they can control the world.

… got to go back to work…

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