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Longest Ride yet!

I’ve only been riding since July, completely addicted though.  I ride to work almost every day – rode in when it was 31 degrees last week. I’ve done a 88 mile round trip, some cruises up the Natchez Trace and Sunday I made my longest in-saddle trip to see my grandmother.  It was about 60 miles before my butt got uncomfortable (intersection of Hwy 25 and Mars Hill Road/427). 188 miles round trip, 79 miles one-way in-the-saddle.  Coming back was 89 miles, but I stopped for a drink about 59 miles.

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Here is the cool thing I brought back from the ride – stopping or even slowing down after a long, unbroken ride feels like coming out of a deep meditation.

The not-so-cool thing is that I really need some highway pegs!  Also, Louisville kinda sucks.  I rode on from my grandmother’s house to town so I could get some gas…
… first stop, the gas station is blasting Jesus music at everyone.  So, I politely decline to do business there. Yeah, their right to play whatever music they want, my right to not buy from them because of it.  So, second gas station doesn’t have pay-at-pump capable pumps.  I mean OLD pumps probably been there since the seventies.  Third gas station has pay-at-pump, but only regular 87 octane gas – both ethanol and ethanol free versions – the motorcycle takes 91+ octane to run properly.  The fourth gas station was good.  No religious music blaring, pay-at-the-pump and three grades of fuel.  I gassed up and duck-walked to a parking spot to go in and get a drink.  Picked out a drink and – $5.00 minimum to use my bank card.  No twenty-five cent charge if under five dollars… just no sale.  So, I walked out thirsty.  I couldn’t wait to get out of town!  59 miles down the road, I stopped for a drink at Coal Bluff Trading Post and paid the convenience fee to get a drink.  I suppose I will put some cash in the motorcycle jacket for such podunk locations in the future.

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