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Conservative Fact Allergy

History has shown – well, at least my personal history – that when confronted with Facts, Conservatives will go into a severe allergic shock, develop sudden-onset turrets syndrome and if not removed from the Factual environment, eventually break down in tears.

Then I stumble upon This article.  “Conservative Facts of Life” and the extreme departure from reality is palpable.  Its like the author held up a mirror and blamed other people for what he saw.

“I remember when George W. was inaugurated how relieved I was that
the grown-ups had returned to take charge of our affairs.”

ROFLOL! Seriously? Mr. Vacation – the real Mr. Vacation – who pranced on the deck of a battleship declaring victory that wouldn’t come for another six years or so?? Really…  delusional.

Bush was a failure – foreign, domestic and reality.  He had the lowest approval rating EVER. The economy crashed on HIS watch – but conservatives blame Obama – for something that happened before he was even elected!  Seriously!  You can’t make this delusional stuff up!  I’m not saying Bush is to blame, but his government didn’t help anything and didn’t prevent anything and probably made things worse.  Remember, Republicans were in total control for almost six years before the collapse.  There was one session in one house where Democrats held a majority.  And Democrats did not play the block-everything brinksmanship games the GOP are playing now.

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