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You know who is to blame for the whole “Nanny State” thing that people complain about even though its not really true?  Government is easy to blame… but who is behind the government doing those things?

Insurance Companies.

Think about it.  Insurance Company executives got the idea in their head that they paid out less on accidents where the people in the car were wearing seat belts – on average.  Really it is about 50-50 (not exactly) whether a seat belt will help you or hurt you or pin you in a burning or sinking car so you can’t get out.  So, the executives decided that they wanted more people to wear seat belts so they could save money.  They hired the lobbyists.

The lobbyists did their dirty job and BOOM! Seat Belt Laws were born.  More laws mean more money has to be spent on enforcement.

Safety laws, workers comp, labeling – most all can be traced back to Insurance Companies.

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