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Liberals don’t Cower

Some moron from Arkansas tweeted :

I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine?

Well, Nate, let me tell you this – Liberals don’t cower.  While Conservatives are cowards, afraid of change, progress, losing anything, trying anything and what everyone else – especially those who don’t look like them – might do, Liberals are not that way.

Conservatives are like the townsfolk being terrorized by the outlaws in old western movies – their first instinct is to go along with it and hope the outlaws’ wrath doesn’t turn on them.  They will attack anyone who tries to stand up to the outlaws and proudly tell the outlaw leader that they were helpful.  They see the “Hero” of the movie as someone ‘interfering’ in the way things are – sure, they might be trying to improve things, but they could make things worse, so its best to just leave things the way they are.
(and there is science to back that up!)

Liberals are the explorers, the adventurers, inventors and those who challenge the status quo.  Liberals don’t (usually) quake in fear of “what if” – they wonder and look forward to “what if.”

Another thing that strikes me about the dufus’s tweet is why do you ‘need’ an AR-15 with high capacity magazine ‘just in case?’  If someone is threatening your home, a handgun works a lot better and doesn’t cause as much damage to your home as your scared-outta-your-mind blasting around with an AR would.  Some stealth and a butcher knife work just fine – or a baseball bat or kukri.  Liberals don’t need a gun to make them feel powerful.  ( a little Tequila works wonders… lol )

Heck, Conservatives won’t even stand up and do anything to protect the country’s children from random nutjobs toting their precious machine guns because they are too scared of what might happen – of changing anything at all, even if it is to improve things.

No matter how big they talk, conservatives are mostly cowards and cowards can’t be trusted.

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