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Ever since my obsessive, dangerous stalker tried to get me fired by sending my boss and cow orkers my blog and facebook links, it has been interesting.  I have enough trouble speaking when I’m not ticked off and frustrated, so talking politics in an office full of delusional con-jobs is beyond my verbal capacity – which is why I type.

So, I hear talk about how Obama is dodging the IRS “Scandal” and other bullcrap.  For one, the White House doesn’t control the IRS, second, Bush appointed the IRS Commissioner who did the ‘inappropriate’ screening of ‘conservative’ groups, third, the IRS screening groups whose main agenda is making political statements against paying taxes is a no-brainer, it is NOT inappropriate.

“Miller became acting commissioner in November (2012), after Commissioner
Douglas Shulman completed his five-year term. Shulman (a Democrat) had been appointed
by President George W. Bush.”

I’m disappointed in Obama for not standing up for the Truth and Facts.  “Sorry, if you form a group whose main objective is not paying taxes, then expect the IRS to scrutinize your application for Tax-Exempt status.” – That is what he SHOULD have said.  The ‘targeting’ of con-people groups was done three years ago- in 2010.  If there were any ‘liberal’ groups dedicated to not paying taxes and picking apart the government, I’d assume that government groups, especially the IRS who is responsible for collecting taxes, would target them too.  Its just LOGICAL.

Taxes, which, by the way, are at a LOWEST Point in decades! So, the Tea Party nutjobs are doubly delusional.

“We have a 1950s level of taxation and a 21st-century-sized government,” says Robert Bixby, executive director of the Concord Coalition, a deficit-reduction advocacy group.

Meaning if you are serious about reducing the deficit, you want to increase taxes – specifically on the upper 2% and the tax-free Wall Street buys and sells.  We pay when we buy anything, shouldn’t Wall Street money-changers do the same?

Benghazi – now there is a right-wing-nut manufactured ‘scandal.’  How many of the 40 attacks on embassies and other diplomatic outposts have been investigated and politicized by the GOP in the past 50 years?  It seems they only give a crap when they are not the ones in power.

“What Fox would like to erase from its viewers’ memories is that, as the
chart shows, there were many attacks on U.S. missions overseas during
the administration of the most recent Republican president, George W.
Bush.  It is crucial to Fox’s politicizing of Benghazi to make those attacks
disappear down the memory hole, because there is an inconvenient fact
associated with them: In the wake of the seven or more attacks on
American overseas interests on Bush’s watch, Democrats did not
politicize them the way Republicans are politicizing Benghazi today.

 And – Duh-Ta-Duh – the ‘conservatives’ fall right in line and when anyone mentions FACTS they sigh, “here we go, blame Bush.”  Its not placing BLAME, its pointing out the facts and how much of a hate-based hypocrite you are.

“Speaking of 9/11, Republicans need to be reminded that after the attacks
that September day, Democrats rallied around George W. Bush, a
president they rightly viewed as an illegitimate Supreme Court
appointee, because, in the wake of the attacks on their country,
liberals reflexively saw themselves as Americans first and partisans

“Conservatives,” however, see any attack against us as another weapon to destroy our president.  Screw the country, screw the economy, screw doing anything to actually improve things – they MUST destroy the president at all costs.  They are so power-hungry that they are blind to the damage they are doing…. or maybe they just really don’t care… or worse, they want the country to suffer because it helps their cause.  They are sure we’ll forget that they were in power for six years before the economy tanked, that they passed the Patriot Act and other catastrophic bills against freedom.

And to wrap up, here is another fine example of Fox New biased and often blatantly false “reporting” : Gas Prices and the President.  In 2008 under Bush, Fox took the stance that the President doesn’t have any control over gas prices.  When Obama was elected, it changed the tune to say that the President has almost total control over gas prices.  So, which time was a lie?  I’d say both, because Fox News always lies.

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