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Politics – my view on the Two Party system and Voting

Republicans cry freedom and liberty, but they want to pass laws that tell you what you can, must and can’t do with your body and your life.
“You can’t marry that person because they are different”
“You can’t marry that person because they are the same”
“You can’t smoke that plant, you should be smoking tobacco”
“You can’t use that to make clothing, you should be using cotton”
“You can’t use that to make paper, you should be using wood”
“You can’t practice that religion, you have to be Christian”
“You can’t perform or get that voluntary medical procedure, we don’t approve of it.”
“You can do that – even in the privacy of your own home, our religion says it is wrong.”

Democrats want to pass laws that tell you what you can’t do to other people.
“You can’t deny their rights based on their race”
“You can’t pay them less based on their gender”
“You can’t force your religious preferences on them just because you hire them”
“You can’t fire them just because you don’t like their religion”
“You can’t poison them just because you produced a toxic by-product to manufacture your goods”
“You can’t ignore your employee’s safety while they are working for you”

So, in my view, the Democrats are more about protecting freedom and liberty and the ability to pursue happiness.  Everywhere I look, Republicans are trying to hurt people, deny people rights and impose their ‘choices’ on everyone else.  Seriously, if you are all about freedom and liberty, why the are you hell bent on denying anyone else the ability to get married or serve in the military or anything else?  I don’t believe anyone wanting to keep anyone from doing anything that doesn’t hurt anyone else should be using the terms “Freedom” and “Liberty” as a rallying call.

Examples of the screwed up right-wing nuttery :
Ohio Republicans sneak through religious zealotry in Budget Bill.
The Texas abortion bill that won’t die.
The Supreme Court says you can’t plant seeds from plants you grow – you must buy seeds from giant corporations.  Also, if the plants produced by seeds from a company’s seeds have their pollen carried by the wind into your fields, you owe the company money because your plants have their genetics now – even if you didn’t want it and it hurts your business!

I’m sure you can dig up tons more crazy, hateful, anti-science crap they are doing.

So, tell me, please, what “Rights” are the Democrats actually trying to take away?  Its not the “Right to Bear Arms.”  Making it harder for criminals or troubled people to acquire high-capacity, rapid fire guns isn’t the same as taking away Bubba’s Shotgun or 30.06 or CZ75b.

The Democrats are the lesser of two evils.  Are they perfect? No.  Not by far.  Both parties voted for Seat belt laws and other freedom-infringing, corporate dictated laws.

Should I be Libertarian?  Well, no… they want to dismantle government altogether, which is insane.
Green Party?  Well…  they are a bit extreme too.

There is no party that is based on the Real Constitution, no party based in Reality in so far as what works for the best in our economy while maintaining the most freedom.  There is no party that is for a Functioning Government that is limited in it’s powers, but not powerless to protect citizens from special interests and abusive individuals or corporations.

So what do I do?  I try to prevent the nutcases from doing too much damage – which means vote democrat or independent for people who really get it.  For example, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Until the two-party system is challenged and dismantled, I’ll vote Democrat and Independent.

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