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CeMe Motorcycle Safety Concept

I need an electronics wiz!!

I’ve come up with a Motorcycle safety concept.  I don’t think that it has been tried anywhere – and I’ve looked.  I got the inspiration riding behind a school bus.

Here is the idea in motion :

LED Lights blink at an adjustable rate

 This will provide better visibility – actually grabbing drivers’ attention – than modulated headlights, which are nothing but annoying or flashing brake lights or other gadgets out on the market already.  It is a change, a flash – and people notice that.  Oncoming headlights are steady on and people tune those out fairly easily, but a blink will get attention!

Better visual representation, but static

Yes, there are a lot of LED brake light flashers and I like the concept of deceleration warning lights that flash when you decelerate by any means – even just letting off the throttle!  But, that doesn’t help when the bike is in motion.

I need someone with a bit more experience in, and understanding of, electronics to help me produce the first prototype.  I’ve researched and this is, from what I can tell, completely street legal.  I’ve got a sample IC from Touchstone Semiconductor and am ready to get the parts together to build – just need a hand with the electronics.  I’d like to do a good Proof Of Concept and then maybe go to Kickstarter.

“Simple” circuit board

A companion to this would be a small LED that would attach to the helmet and blink.  It would need to have a replaceable battery.  I’ve seen a helmet with a built-in blinking light – but no way to replace the battery (if I understand correctly).

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