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TV Show Roundup!

Oh, the agony of waiting for MY shows to come back on is awful.

Doctor Who isn’t coming back until a November special, then the Christmas Special and no telling how long until the regular series.

Supernatural doesn’t come back until October 8th.

Sherlock doesn’t come back for it’s brief season until — WHEN?

Castle is coming back September 23rd.  But I’d still love to see Firefly come back!

Lost Girl is coming back, eventually, in 2014.  But it is a SyFy show, so no guarantees.  They murdered Sanctuary for no reason at all and that show was great!

Speaking of SyFy – Haven (returning September 13th) and Defiance (returning June 2014!!) are awesome.  I hope that me admitting that doesn’t get them canceled.

I hate that Warehouse 13 is going to be a Final Season.

I still miss Eureka, but Primeval : New World has given me some solace – and it is pretty good too, but no word on when it is coming back for season two.  I loved the original Primeval from the BBC and happy that there has been some continuity.

I’ve got to catch up on Being Human and it’s UK Inspiration too.

Bones is coming back September 16th.

NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles are both coming back September 24th.  So is Person of Interest.

Teen Wolf (guilty) is coming back in January.

Arrow is coming back October 9th.

The Glades, Covert Affairs and Suits are all currently running, so that is good.  So is Perception and Rizzoli and Isles.

No word on King and Maxwell yet, but I want more!

I try to keep up with Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and True Blood, but it is hard to get a chance to watch those.  The Wife, Willice, watches Major Crimes without me most of the time.

We are investigating watching Longmire and The Bridge, but no decisions as of yet.  We also keep trying to watch Falling Skies, but it is not a regular, kind of like Unforgettable.

We tried to get into The Following and Touch, but just can’t stay with them.  Under the Dome was not that entertaining either.

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