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Conspiracy in our Government (or, The Promise of the USA)


The Government of the United States of America, The USA – because “America” is a group of two (2) continents and thirty six (36) different nations – is set up as a Constitutional Democratic Republic.  This means that a governing group of representatives (republic) is elected by the people in a democratic process.  Our government is set up to protect individual rights from the majority, from the powerful and from the elected representatives.

To do away with government, or reduce it in size so that it is small enough to drown in the kitchen sink, would be to invite a tyrannical rule of a few, powerful, entities.  This is also known as the Libertarian Utopia – rule by the strongest, usually most violent and oppressive.  Well, they don’t see it like that – they imagine that the strongest will just let everyone else go about their business in peace or that individuals will be able to ‘fight’ for their rights against a more powerful, well armed group.

The Republicans want to eliminate the Democratic process and just appoint whomever they want to the congress and presidency.  They would rule by whatever their corporate masters tell them to do – consequences borne by The People be damned.

The Democrats want everyone to vote, everyone to have the same opportunities to start off with and everyone to be safe and cared for, whether they like it or not.

There is no doubt that Private Interests have bought into and corrupted our form of government to suit their needs.  The Federal Government has expanded beyond it’s intended scope.  We have a standing military, which the Founders never intended.  The Federal Government sets State level policies – usually by withholding funds from States that don’t comply by passing laws encouraged by the Federal Government – investigate Seat Belt laws to find out more.  Our police forces are becoming more like occupying armies.  Our government has been hijacked by Insurance Companies, Big Banking, Big Agriculture, Big Pharmaceutical and Military Supply Companies.  Each private interest exploiting and weakening We, The People, for their own benefit.

Insurance Companies get laws passed requiring citizens to buy their protection scams.  They get laws passed that reduce their exposure to liability for paying out on their promised protections.  They work huge loopholes that allow them to not pay out for most frequent damages.  They create complicated paperwork that will allow them to cancel your coverage or refuse payment based on flimsy grounds – but you can’t get your money back because of it.

Big Banking – private entities – control the issue of our currency.  They gamble and risk our money and then suffer no consequences when they lose it – or more accurately, they profit from our losses they instigated.  They reward the rich with lower interest rates on borrowing, higher interest rates on savings and investments while punishing the poor with high interest rates on borrowing, lower interest rates on savings and investments.  This is by design to keep the ‘worker’ class from becoming financially independent, paying off their debts and living free.  This is the new version of a Sharecropper or Indentured Servant.  They create debt for us to be forced to pay off – then make sure we will never pay off that debt.

Big Agriculture takes our tax money as subsidies, poisons our food, exploits workers and turns our food supply into large scale genetic experiments.  Probably seeing if they can breed a more docile worker.

Big Pharmaceutical gets laws passed to make cures illegal, addictive substances legal and make profits off of treatments that make other problems worse.  They don’t want cures – because that would end the profit stream. 

Military supply companies lobby for increased military spending, urge covert agencies to create more conflict and start more foreign wars – so they can supply the perpetual war machine with more equipment with a built in end of life.

All Private Interests have one goal in mind – keep the majority of people oppressed and happy with it.  They funnel profits from the most people into the hands of the few.

Our food is poisoned, our water is poisoned, the very air we breathe is poisoned – and we are forced to pay the very people who have poisoned us to treat the most obvious and adverse symptoms.  They will never provide a cure or stop the poison because that would decrease profits.

They keep us distracted with religion, movie stars, game shows, fake wars and false news and political controversies.

Our government is set up to protect us, the citizens, from the corrupting influence of all of those private interests.  It has been infiltrated and corrupted.  I believe the balance tipped in favor of the corruption in the 1950’s, when congress destroyed part of the constitutional protections by putting “Under God” into the Pledge of Allegiance (1953) and making “In God We Trust” our official motto (1956).  It is impressive that it took the corrupting influences a full one hundred and seventy something years to tip the balance.

The Promise of America has always been individual freedom and liberty to pursue our own happiness.  Our government is still the best there is to ensure such freedom, but we need to clean the corruption out of it.  We need to get back to having a Federal Government of representatives, freely elected without undue influence from the rich and powerful, beholden only to the will of the people, whose powers are limited to securing individual liberty, providing for the common defense and promoting the general welfare of all Citizens.

Some first steps would be :

  1. Dismantling of the entrenched two-party system to allow more fair elections.
  2. Federal or State funding of election campaigns, barring or limiting any private or corporate contributions.
  3. Get “God” out of Government.  Our laws should be based on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Liberties, not any religion.  If something legal is against your religion, you don’t have to do it, but you can not actively prevent others from having the opportunity to do it if they so choose.
  4. Do away with the legal fiction that corporations are people.  Corporations are limited legal constructs for the purposes of doing business – not influencing politics.
  5. Tie Representative pay to the median income of the state they represent and require a 40 hour work week, each and every week.  No work, No Pay.

Eventually, we need to completely revamp the medical profession.  Profit should be eliminated as a motive for any medical professional, from the researcher and drug manufacturer to doctors and nurses (though they should be paid well for their efforts).  Cures and total recovery from injury or illness should be the only goals in medicine.  Our Drug and Alcohol policies need to be completely revamped to include more liberty and less monopolistic profit goals.  We need to make the safety and health of our environment a higher priority than short term profit.

In the end, we need to make sure that the Promise of the United States of America is secured for our posterity and the future of all.


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