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I’ll be your CEO for $100k per year

I will be any company’s CEO for $100,000 per year salary.

One of the first things I will do is adjust the compensation model.  The company will become at least 50% Employee Owned.

EO-Stocks will be divided by company position and stay with the company, so technically, it won’t be ’employee owned’ in the sense that an individual employee owns stock, but it will be employee owned in that each position, from new-hire secretary to long-time CFO will each have a certain percentage of stock assigned to their position.  The employee will get the Dividends from the stock each quarter and will have a vote in all shareholder meetings, etc. as long as they hold that position in the company.

New Hires may have only one issued share to their position.  For each quarter with the company, they add one share, up to the max allotted for that position.

This creates a vast incentive for the company to be run efficiently, productively and profitably – everyone working there has a financial stake in the success of the company.

Of course, the employee can not sell nor transfer the stock, but when they leave the company, “their” stock will be bought back from them.  So, everyone, from day one, has a ‘severance package.’  This will make everyone work to reduce turnover.

So, any company looking to greatly improve productivity and profits, lets talk.

If Kior wants to hire me, I could get them profitable in less than two years.  But I’m not going to reveal THAT secret here.

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