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My Visual Studio Project Disappeared!

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I worked on a Visual Studio 2012 project pretty much all day yesterday.  It was a Visual Basic .Net project.
I saved frequently.  I debugged.  I ran the project.

Overnight, windows updates (I am assuming) rebooted the system and, this morning – no more project. Gone.  Nowhere (normal) to be seen.  Apparently, I did not “save all” or save the project itself.  So all that work and testing disappeared.

I googled.  Nothing I found turned out to be helpful or if it seemed helpful, turned out to be untrue.  I panicked!  All that work gone – I saved!!!  What the Funk!?!?! <– No help. <– No help. <– No help. <– No help!!

“C:UsersMyUserIDDocumentsVisual Studio 2012Backup Files”  had MyProject folder.  It was empty.

I cursed and searched, and cursed and searched… and then I found it:

“\localhostc$UsersMyUserIDAppDataLocalTemporary ProjectsMyProject” – it was all there!

I copied the folder to my documents.  Then I copied the folder to my visual basic projects folder and opened the solution file.  It is all there!  Whew!

Why the \localhostc$ ?  Well, I am on windows 8.1 and the “Previous Versions” tab is gone from File Explorer, but you can get to it using UNC to your own machine.  Silly, I know.

I hope this helps someone else find their hard work that a stupid thing from Microsoft caused them to loose.

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