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Leaves and Lives

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I burst forth into life, clinging to the limb high in a tree.
I grew, gaining life and giving life
doing my part.
I held on to the limb through high winds
through blazing heat, ups and downs
Over time I grew tired.
My green faded.
I learned to let go.
I became a leaf on the wind.
Spiraling down, soaring up
wherever the breeze pushed me.
I slowly descended, wondering
what would I find below?
I settled onto the river,
dancing on the water as it babbled,
flowed, eddied, crashed and rushed.
I learned to go with the flow,
going where fate may take me,
overcoming the rocks in the river.
Dancing ever slower.
I realize I am sinking into the water.
The water pulls me down even as it
fills me up.
I shall go under, settle and decay.
My wish is that I have become rich enough
in my life
That the leaves of the trees downstream
will be a little more green,
live a little bit longer, their trees stronger,
because I lived before them.

– today’s motorcycle meditation

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