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Changes in Altitude

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So.. since last post, I have moved to Saint Louis, MO.  I am not dating anyone… not sure why.  But, I do have a good job and I am Loving it here.  Getting back to myself a bit more every day.  Although yesterday (Valentine’s Day) was pretty hard to get through.

I am trying to get a HashTag going so that I can be found online by using the tag – so #IamGraywalker is what I am trying to use.  Yes, this post is an attempt to make that more searchable. 😀

I’ll try to fill this out a bit more with updates and other items shortly… stay tuned.
Probably need to update on my getting a land loan, truck breaking down, buying a car, adjusting to winter here, etc…

Yes, the Hashtag is working.  Anyone smart enough can find this post.  Probably the best place to contact me is on Facebook – – PM something a bit more complex than “hi.” and I will likely respond.

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