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Economic Growth is an Illusion

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Y’all do realize that “Economic Growth” is an illusion, right?

In 1940, a 1 1/2 ounce piece of candy would cost you a nickle – 5 cents – $.05. (here)  In 1999, that same piece of candy would cost you seventy cents – 14 nickles – 70 cents – $.70.

Now, do you think the value of that candy went up that much?  No.  What happened is that the value of that nickle went down.

What is happening is that the uber wealthy are picking your pockets without you realizing.  Or you are just too scared to stand up to them.

How?  Even though they have $100 dollars and you only have $1 dollar, they want that dollar of yours for themselves.  So, they devalue your dollar, tell you that you now have $5 dollars.  Then they take one of those dollars.  Then they tell you that you have $10 dollars left.  And take two of those dollars.  Now, you think you have $8.00 – much better than the measly $1 you had before, right?  Only, what you really have left is only worth 1/4 of the original dollar – 25 cents.  But now they have $.75 cents of your original dollar, and you’re happy with that.  They’re still scheming on how to get that last quarter.

They’ve been telling you that the people who do the work are not as important as those who have the money – STOP believing that.  Its bull.  Labor deserves compensation.  “Investment” doesn’t deserve anything – its a gamble that the company will do well.  IF the company does well, after making good on it’s responsibility to it’s workers, then the investment should get a return.  If the company doesn’t do well, the investment should be lost.  Investment returns should be the last consideration of a company.  The absolute last.  Returns on Investment are a by-product, NOT an end goal.

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Corporations are one major area where we need to get back to some 1776 thinking.

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