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Conservative Christians are messed up

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You can’t make this stuff up.  So, Christians are very vocal on Facebook.  But if you read their threads, they are full of hypocrisy.  For example, one posted this:

 And also posted this:

Talking about their desire to hunt down and kill duly elected Democrat officials in “Blue” states.  They want to murder Democrats.  They say so often.  … reminds me of a Commandment they might want to read over again a few times. (Number 6… and 9… and 1 needs a refresher too, seeing how many truly Believe in Trump.)
Then, another posts this:

 As if Christians are not currently going around discriminating against, abusing and killing gay people.  As if Christians are not shooting up gatherings, bombing Federal Buildings and saying we should execute homosexuals. Modern Christians. Lets not talk about their blood-soaked past – its only in the past they tortured and executed people, some being burned alive, for being “Witches” and Heretics.  Its only in the past they invented torturous death machines to get innocent people to ‘confess’ to sins.  Its only in the past that they lynched black people whom they considered to have no soul.

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