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The Well Crafted Beard

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My delivery of Crafted Beard products came in and I thought it would be a great time to share unpackaging and a little demo of how to use the products for a great beard.

As an overview, beard oil is used to moisturize the skin, mostly, and the beard hairs. It helps keep away the itchy, scratchy and flakiness of neglected beards.

Beard Butter is a Crafted Beards product that is a bit lighter than the beard balm and is used to moisturize and condition the beard hair. Remember, Beards need love too!

Beard Balm is used to lock in the moisturizing from the other two products and lend some control.

The Beard Struggle brush is available at The Beard Struggle website. You can use BKBeard as a discount code at checkout. Which is the same code to use at Crafted Beards.

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