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Suburban Hiking

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So, I went hiking on a trail that is pretty much in the city – Centennial Trail to the Katy Trail and north for a little bit.

I tried out the bluetooth mic (headset) to improve sound quality, but it did not work – when I got home, I figured out that I hadn’t set my video to use the bluetooth input, so I have now fixed it, and hope to preview it in the next video presentation. However, the parts with bad audio have been glossed over in this one.

Hope you enjoy!

Suburban Hiking

I continue to really like the Madera hammock feel and am eager to get an overnight or two in it. (see the right side there for a link to get your own!)

When I was in the hammock though, it felt like the temperature dropped – of course, I was in a low spot next to a big river. It was a little disconcerting how fast I got really cold! But hiking helped to warm me up sufficiently.


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