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Twofer Video

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So, I hiked the Katy trail south from a trail parking lot – and then didn’t do the video… so I went to REI and got some new hiking shoes – and broke them in at Castlewoods on the Lone Wolf Trail, where I saw some deer.

The Hike and Hang video is here:

The first link is to the What 3 Words address of the parking lot for the Katy Trail –

The URL for the Sierra Club Wilderness Guardian program is –

The Reich-Wing hit piece on the Sierra Club –

The Charity Watch score and article on Sierra Club –

Donate to the Katy Trail –

Men’s Altra Lone Peak Hiker –



Shortly after the Deer, I saw a tupperware container on the ground – picking it up, while cursing people for leaving trash on the trail, I saw that it was a GeoCache! I went back to my car and got a business card, wrote my date on the back and put that into the container.

The Geocache
What three words location of the Geocache – add your own to it! (Click to open W3W)

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