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The Pain of Lewis and Clark

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It lasted for a good week. The first day was easy, but the second and third were pretty tough.

Hiking 8 miles on the Katy Trail, a flat and wide, maintained trail, was pretty easy. Hiking 8.3 on the Lewis and Clark trail – through the hills and valleys off to one side of the Katy Trail was something else indeed.

I purchased some Altra hiking boots from REI (seen on previous video) and gave them a try on this Bike-Hike-n-Hang. The Altras are not motorcycle boots. Also, pro-tip, don’t drop anything heavy on your foot while wearing them… or even a bit weighty. The bottoms are cushy and protective – the tops are… well, very light weight. For hiking.

It was a pretty good hike – right up until the middle of the Hang, about 2 miles left to go on the hike. Then things went sideways and the pain set in.

Also, notice on the right side there, the Bubba World entry – go check out some Sunday Funnies, explore the Archives and pick up some books for your coffee table.

As for my health, a full week later and my back still hurts… the calves have settled down a bit… Hope to go again next weekend.

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