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Lewis and Clark together

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So, at the Lewis and Clark trail in Weldon Springs, MO, there are usually two routes – the Lewis and Clark trail plus the Clark section or the Lewis section. The Clark trail makes the loop a 5.3 mile hike, while the Lewis trail makes it an 8.2 mile hike. On this particular hike, I finally did what I had been planning – took the left trail entrance and did the Lewis and the Clark, making my own loop of 7.25 miles.

While on the trail, I pointed out a few items I used, such as…

Junk headband – (on Amazon) –

Salud Mango hydration + Immunity – : While the flavors are more for Southwest and south of the border, it is still a better hydration than the popular Liquid IV or LMNT, for me, due to the low sugar/carbs, sodium and other factors.

Alltrails – where I saved my newly created loop map! –

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