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A Tale of Two Freedoms

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The GOP likes to brand itself as the party of Freedom – Trump supporters yell “Freedom” all the time. But what you and I think of as Freedom, is not what they mean when they say it.

When they say Freedom, they mean THEIR freedom, not yours. Not mine. Only their freedom.

I would want to take a long look at the history of conservatives and freedom, but …

Conservatives want to use the force of government to make you Christian – or be quiet about it. They want to tell you what books you can read, what parts of history can be taught and what parts should never be mentioned, who you can or can’t marry, what words you can or can’t say, what kind of clothes you can or can’t wear, what items restaurants can have on their menu, even forcing women to bear children whether they want to or not.

Conservatives do not want freedom, they want their freedom to force your compliance to their beliefs.

Now, to be fair, Liberals also want to limit your freedom – basically, don’t be an asshole. The whole Woke movement basically boils down to don’t go out of your way to be a jerk to other people – and don’t hurt other people.

Do some take it too far? Yes. You have extremists on both sides. Like vegetarians – vegetables are what food eats, people. I mean, I’m okay with YOU being a vegetarian and I will be happy to go somewhere with a vegetarian option – as long as they also have the meats! (Not Arby’s)

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